WandaVision (2021)

Summary of Wiccan, Speed, & Agatha Harkness Comic Book Origins

By: Domonique Salberg

At this point in the show, it is clear WandaVision is establishing Billy and Tommy as Wiccan and Speed from the comics. As per the graphic novel, The Vision and The Scarlet Witch. This series followed the pair as they made a life in New Jersey, although there was a twist in the tale. Since Vision was unable to have children, Wanda unwittingly used fragments of Mephisto’s soul to create children; however, they were eventually reabsorbed by the villain. Later on, they eventually were brought back and reincarnated under surrogate parents to become the mutants we now know and love, Wiccan and Speed.

The show likely will skip over these complicated details and give us a more streamlined story and have the twins remain her children by birth. They are the only natural-born superheroes in the MCU, so it could open the door for more mutants to come in the future. And if true, Mephisto’s role could be lessened or have his arc changed for an unexpected story. 

Kate Bishop, Hulking, Speed, and Wiccan.

Moreover, their powers generally match Quicksilver (Speed) and Wanda’s (Wiccan), although Wiccan, as predicted by Doctor Strange, will one day become the most powerful superhero in the universe; considering this, it makes sense why the pair are sought after in Westview. The twins are also a part of the Young Avengers, along with notable new MCU characters, Kate Bishop making it likely that the studio is setting the team up.

 Agatha Harkness 

On to another essential character, Agatha Harkness, she was born circa 11,000 B.C. In the Marvel comics, and after having contact with a cosmic being named Scrier, she slowly made her way through the world, mastering her magical abilities. In the 17th century, Harkness settled in Salem’s English colony and formed her own coven of witches.

Later she and her group were persecuted by the Puritans during what became known as the Salem Witch Trials. She then settled in New Salem, became the most powerful sorceress in this community, later leader, and had an evil warlock child named Nicholas Scratch; referenced as her bunny Senior Scratch in WandaVision, which also happens to be a nickname for the Devil.

After the second world war, Agatha joined the army to fight and stop Hilda Von Hate, where shortly after, she posed as a nanny and started working for Sue and Reed Richards to keep an eye on their baby Franklin. Eventually, she was captured by the Salem Seven, taken back to New Salem, and burned at the stake. Wanda went toe-to-toe with them, and not long after, she fell pregnant. 

Agatha’s spirit appeared to Wanda on Halloween when the barrier of worlds was thinnest, and later, she manifested to learn the truth about her babies. And even though Agatha later became a mentor for Wanda, she ended up killing Agatha. Since then, the character has drifted from different comics and appearing as certain arcs.

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