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'The Boys' Season 2: The Origins & Creation of Liberty, Supe Immortality

By: Domonique Salberg

After the episode, “Nothing Like It in The World,” it was filled with several revelations, there was still one lingering mystery not unraveled by the end. It left us with more questions than before and growing intrigue for one particular supe: Stormfront. Once Mothers Milk, Hughie, and Starlight reach their destination after hitting the road, they meet the victim of the supe they are looking for named Liberty.

To their surprise and ours, the woman who witnessed her brother unjustly and brutally killed decades before by Liberty declares The Seven’s Stormfront is the same person. Baffled by the fact that Stormfront could not be old enough to be Liberty, Starlight mentions the multiplicity of Compound V, making the woman’s claim appear possible. Thus, we are left to speculate if Stormfront is somehow Liberty and if some supes could be immortal.

A Forgotten Hero

Two ads of Liberty promoting feminine products and Budweiser.

Nevertheless, if we look closer at the first three episodes, we find that The Boys creators were dropping Liberty hints. These Easter eggs came in the form of posters and an old Budweiser advertisement featuring Liberty. A forgotten hero, these brief glimpses never give us a clear image of her face, as one is a silhouette, and the other has the mask and hood coverings. By the fourth episode, we witness Liberty’s flashback, revealing her expressing racist comments to an innocent black man that she executes, which are akin to what Stormfront did in the previous episode. After seeing this, it is easy to assume this could be Stormfront from a much earlier era.

Is Stormfront, Liberty?

'The Boys' Showrunner Eric Kripke on 'Frankly Disturbing' Twist for Aya Cash's Stormfront

While Stormfront is from the comics and originally a man, Liberty is an entirely new character created by showrunner Eric Kripke. Examining them both, it is clear that Liberty exhibits many of Stormfront’s beliefs. And although Kripke does not go into much detail to not spoil anything, he does allude that Liberty is the same person as Stormfront. When he said in an interview that he knew Stormfront is much older than she lets on and hints that Vought may have given her a new persona.

The Boys: Stormfront is Liberty says episode 4 but is the season 2 reveal a red herring? – HITC
Liberty’s brutal reveal.

Furthermore, Kripke is quoted, “[Liberty] just came from a conversation of, well, Vought probably changed her image every couple of decades and just moved her around, like a catholic priest. And so, who would she have been in the ’70s or ’60s? Who would she have been if she had even greater freedom to be openly racist? So it emerged from that conversation.” He goes on to elaborate on the choice of her name as well, stating Vought is known for giving their hero’s names that they do not live up to, but instead are just marketable. Kripke says, “Queen Maeve doesn’t act much like a queen, Homelander isn’t really protecting his homeland, and Liberty is about the opposite of liberty.”

So, since Liberty is Stormfront, we can conclude 50+ years ago, she mascaraed as a free thinker for all people and most likely spat about American freedoms and denouncing oppressive systems. But deep down, fights only for people like herself and carries hateful, prejudiced thoughts and feelings. With Stormfront’s introduction, we see it is now repackaged to reflect 2020, where savvy and charming media personalities who essentially are only pedaling hate are running rampant. In this, The Boys have created a divisive and illuminating character, which is eerily much like what we are experiencing at this very moment in time. The Boys have no problem with ‘going there’ when no other stories will, and at this point, Stormfront/Liberty’s character arc may be one of the most compelling parts to come for Season 2.

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