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WandaVision Episode 3 : 1985 Comic References, Visions Brother, Twins, & More Revealed

By: Domonique Salberg

Now in color, the mystery continues with more exciting MCU and comic book goodies to uncover and reveal. Leaning into the 70s, the horror of Wanda’s pocket reality is settling in as we watch a complicated and illuminating visit from Monica, the twin’s birth, and the charming magic and shenanigans of Wanda and Vision. Where some of what unfolded in this episode can be traced back to the The Vision and The Scarlet Witch 1985 comic series and other MCU references, which I will share and explain here.

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Hexagons & AIM

The opening credits show hexagons everywhere—even Monica Rambeau’s earrings are shaped like hexagons. But since she is a SWORD agent, we can assume they were superimposed on her from being in that world. Nonetheless, the hexagon shape is typically associated with AIM and could be referencing their organization and their orchestration of this reality.

Deidre Wentworth

AIM’s presence is further hinted at through the Wentworth Department store in the show (now updated for the 70s look), with its ties to the comic book character Deidre Wentworth who happens to be an AIM agent.

Agnes’ Trinity Brooch

The brooch appears again, and when zoomed in a bit, we can decipher three figures on it, suggesting Agnes is possibly working with Mephisto and one other mystery person.


In this episode, we get another one of those odd commercials from one of the organizations within the Marvel universe, HYDRA, stating how their hydra soak will help you escape all the drama in your current life. The Hydra soak idea works exceedingly well since characters in the comics who are controlled are often suspended in some kind of liquid. However, what is important about HYDRA in this episode is their role, opposite to SWORD.

Referring to how Geraldine/Monica, a SWORD agent, is perceived among Wanda’s neighbors as an outsider since she has no home and no created space there like everyone else. Leading me to believe Agnes and other Westview residents are a part of HYDRA (or AIM) and see Monica as a threat since she could be the one to bring Wanda back to reality and interfere with whatever their plan may be.

What Vision’s Warnings Mean

There are two odd happenings between Wanda and Visions neighbors and their Doctor. Their next-door neighbor tries to cut through the property wall while their Doctor cannot go on vacation, stating with obvious worry how it’s so hard to escape small towns. These two instances and the dinner scene from the first episode that Vision mentions make him aware that something is wrong about their world and, in turn, threatening Wanda’s idealized life. These situations incite a blip to make Vision forget it all—which is different from how Wanda rewound him in the other two episodes when things did not go her way. 

Could this mean whoever is behind the world controlled his redirect this time since he made Wanda nervous? Additionally, looking at these scenes together suggest Wanda and Vision’s home is a safe space as there is an apparent struggle for power from outside sources. Though Agnes and Monica can get in for whatever reason, we do not know yet. Nonetheless, they appear to be no threat to Wanda when in her home. Monica even gets thrown out of Wanda’s house and then out of her world. 

Monica Rambeau Threatening Wanda’s Fantasy

Next, Monica remembering and saying out loud next to Wanda that Ultron killed Pietro, sets off a chilling and incredible encounter to see Wanda’s dark side emerge as a result. At that moment, she broke through the glamour. To end with her throwing Monica out of Westview and next to a sign that says “Home is where you make it,” and also showing that the force field is TV static and not the trailers’ red energy.

Again, showing that Wanda, currently, may not be the driving force of this world but can break free and fight at times. Her not having complete control over this world is a deviation from the House of M comics, as she subconsciously and intentionally created it there.

Billy & Tommy/Twin References

A direct nod to the source material and how the twin’s premiere in WandaVision is the same as the comics; Doctor Strange could only sense one baby in Wanda’s womb, so the other one was a surprise and seemed to have something strange going on with it. It turns out that the twin was Billy. Then in WandaVision, it showed Monica helping Wanda deliver one baby, followed by a few moments later, to everyone’s surprise, another born.

Moreover, the magical moments of the butterflies coming to life, the bird, and Wanda’s coats changing, may not have been apparent to some that unborn Billy was the one controlling them. Having those abilities still in the womb—Billy could turn out to be a compelling character down the road. It also should be noted in the comics one of them (Wiccan or Speed) does have Wanda’s powers.

Wanda also tenderly points out how she was a twin. However, she, Billy, and Tommy are not the only ones; Vision pretty much had a twin in the comics named Simon Williams (Wonder Man), which is nicely illustrated by Wanda in that moment and hints he could be making an appearance as rumored. Simon is also tied to the Grim Reaper, whose helmet was teased in the last episode during the cartoon WandaVision opening credit sequence.

Simon Williams/Wonder Man

Wanda’s Magic & The Best Moment

I wanted to mention how great Elizabeth Olson was at portraying Wanda’s magic and her bouncy happiness. Cleaning, creating the nursery, and her drying out the house, Paul Bettany playing off that was perfection. While the best line came when Monica and the Doctor left the room and Vision comes in to see his children for the first time, Wanda asks if he wanted to meet his son as himself, for which he drops the façade and becomes Vision. Brilliant.

The top left photo was a nice meta moment of comic book Vision and Scarlet Witch.

Lastly, since WandaVision draws a lot from the 1985-1986 Vision and the Scarlet Witch comic, a villain featured there who is just as powerful and could go toe-to-toe with Wanda may be working with Agnes in Westview. The villain is also connected to the Grim Reaper, which we know was teased in the second episode. And remember the Halloween scenes from the trailer?

The comic also has a plot centered around Halloween. Everything, especially the conflicts, is starting to come together, so if you don’t mind knowing some potential spoilers/hints, I suggest reading The Vision and The Scarlet Witch.  

Sitcom References

As for the sitcom references, there is a Partridge Family–inspired credit sequence and The Brady Bunch–style set alterations that WandaVision is moving away from the Bewitched format into the late 1960s or early 1970s and the large-family sitcoms of that era.

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