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WandaVision Episode 4 : Death Incarnate, "Blip" Explained, Visions Revelation & More

By: Domonique Salberg

A villainous, morbid Marvel puzzle, we’re going to break down the most significant developments/clues revealed in episode 4 of WandaVision and what it means going forward.

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The Blip/Marvel Universe Timeline Explained

Before we dive in, it was confirmed that WandaVision took place right after Avengers: Endgame, plus the reveal of Monica’s mother passing in this episode, informs us that it is about three weeks since the blip. Thus, the episode opens with Monica Rambeau blipping back in her sleep in a busy hospital—exposing the chaos created by Avengers: Endgame’s blip. 

So, a recap for those that do not remember, the “blip” is how Marvel referred to Thanos’ great snappening, referencing the events that took place in Avengers: Infinity War. As for Wanda, that is exactly three weeks since she turned into dust, came back to fight Thanos, and seemingly moved to New Jersey to begin a new life in an imaginary town.

Avengers Dissembled & House of M Departure

House of M comic.

Moreover, we finally get to see Wanda’s true nature as she goes full-on villain at this point—a strong departure from the Avengers Dissembled and House of M comics. Even though it was her comic, unfortunately, she still was not the star of her own story. We never really got to explore what was going on with her, which now WandaVision is filling that need in a fascinating and exciting way.

Wanda’s Mental State/Winter Soldier

For which we see in this episode confirms that Wanda is aware of everything by choosing to attack Monica Rambeau and claiming she is an outsider/stranger, questioning everything Wanda has ever done. Then hearing Monica utter, once regaining her consciousness after being blasted out of Westview, “It’s all Wanda” supports the theory furthermore that she does have control over her world.

And in this, her compromised mental state is also evident. Especially considering her first introduction in the end credits of Winter Soldier, where she was mentally unstable enough to cause the Civil War, but since then, any indication of her craziness has gone away—or maybe not?  

Jimmy Woo and Darcy

The newest key characters, FBI agent Jimmy Woo and Darcy, give us a different perspective from Wanda’s to reintroduce clues from the first three episodes that I have already broken down in the five articles linked at the end of this discussion. Moreover, they act as our eyes and ears within Westview, as they, too, try to figure out who or what is controlling Wanda. And from what we see, we know more than they do, which brings me to things to watch for and confusing details.

Such as who colorized the helicopter? Darcy and SWORD confirm they also did not do it when Jimmy Woo asks Darcy why she colored it, and she answers, “I didn’t.” I believe it is HYDRA or AIM. Or how come no one in SWORD mentions the commercials? There is a snippet of the commercial shown (photo above), but nothing is done with it.

And what turned out to be an underwhelming reveal, we learn the shape around Wanda’s reality is a hexagon and may be tied into her hexing powers. I’m hoping it turns out to be AIM in the end. Fingers crossed.

Playing House With Vision’s Animated Corpse

Lastly, the most shocking scene is when Vision appears with no stone, a cratered head, and very dead, due to Monica disturbing Wanda’s illusion. Wanda is now reminded of what she is really interacting with: a dead Vision. This amazing reveal will stick with people forever.

Then, once Vision returns, Wanda informs him that everything is fine, and she has everything under control, where right after Vision’s soul, or something like it, becomes apparent at that moment. He seems aware there is something wrong once again and can break away and form original thoughts. It makes you wonder, how much does Vision know? How can he know anything if he is dead? What did she reanimate?

Furthermore, I predict Vision will start challenging Wanda much more as her world unravels. And seeing that Vision is dead and how it may tie into the Multiverse of Madness film, Wanda could rip open the Multiverse to find another version of Vision and her children who are still alive. Maybe Agnes will offer “help” and tell Wanda about the Multiverse to find a solution to her current macabre romance? Judging by the show so far, it’s bound to be a thrilling finish.

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