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WandaVision Episode 5: Pietro, X-Men MCU Link, Vision vs. Wanda, Monica's Powers, & More

By: Domonique Salberg

Screaming like a happy maniac once Evan Peters hit the screen—this episode was on fire. That reveal was not only amazing but smart on a business and creative level. And like most WandaVision episodes, there is a lot to uncover; however, in “On a Very Special Episode…” there was not only new information and discoveries but, most importantly, a turning point for the story. Nonetheless, we’re going to unpack it all here.

The Pietro in the Room

Evan Peters Pietro is what I and many others were hoping for, but with this, it begs the burning question of whether or not he will be the Pietro/Quicksilver from the Fox Studios X-Men. Nevertheless, what we see may not truly be Evan Peters’ Pietro if we consider these observations. 

The timing of his arrival is right when Wanda could break from her reality when Vision is getting close to talking her out of it. The timing is too perfect; Vision even thinks Wanda is doing it, simultaneously revealing a mistrust brewing between them.

His appearance further draws Wanda in and divides her and Vision which is in the best interests of whoever is controlling and helping Wanda with everything.

•We hear Wanda say at the end of the episode, “I don’t know how any of this started in the first place.” implying she is indeed not behind everything and that Mephisto or an agent of his are involved and the reason why Peters may be in play now.

Then to cast the person who played Quicksilver in another movie/studio (Fox was not owned by Disney just yet) is both a brilliant misdirect for the show and MCU future plots. Genius!

Magneto, Quicksilver, and Professor X in the Fox film 'X-Men: Days of Future Past.'

• Leaving me to wonder if Mephisto is controlling Fox Pietro’s body? Will he eventually wake up and go back to himself to join Wanda in the MCU and break open that door to bring everybody else/the Mutants? Michael Fassbender and James McAvoy‘s young Magneto and Professor X and more?

For now, I believe Peters is being controlled by Mephisto as he acts differently from his Fox movie performance, appears to know what’s going on/seems unable to be controlled by Wanda in the new spoiler; Wanda does not recognize him, has the hair of Aaron Taylor-Johnson MCU Pietro, and is not shocked by Visions true appearance. Too much is off.

The Recasting of Pietro/Blurry Mirror

Additionally, as we can see, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, who played Quicksilver (Wanda’s twin brother) in Marvel’s “Age of Ultron,” was recast.  Why was he? Well, WandaVision took advantage of a known sitcom and soap opera trope and cleverly “recast the role” of Pietro in order to explain away how and why Peters was now playing the role. 

One more thing about Pietro’s cameo; the mirror behind Wanda appears to be oddly distorted, and when Pietro enters, there is no movement. Just throwing that out there—it’s too weird not to mention and could be a clue into whom Evan Peters is playing.

Who Can Wanda Not Control?

Then, throughout the episode, Wanda has trouble controlling Agnes, the Twins, Vision, and now Pietro. She says, “Why won’t you do what I want?” to the twins when she is unable to make them sleep, and the confrontation between her and Vision and when he says, “You cannot control me the way you do them.” However, the most unsettling and complex hint of Wanda’s fleeting control is when Agnes tries to hold the babies.

This scene and how it unfolds also show the writers’ brilliant duality, questioning the meaning of what Agnes’ ‘break’ from the sitcom conveys on many levels and viewings. It is the scene when Agnes asks Wanda in a ‘break’ if she wants her to hold the babies, prompting a few questions. Is Agnes scared of Wanda or of being kicked out like Monica? Or is she threatening Wanda that she will break her fake world if Wanda does not let her hold the kids? 

Nicholas Scratch

Lastly, during this scene, another telling quote from Agnes, once the children disappear onto the stairs aged up to 5, there is a cut to an unfazed Agnes saying, “Kids. You can’t control them no matter how hard you try.” It may be a reference to her son in the comics, Nicholas Scratch, as in an earlier episode, her bunny is named Senior Scratch. Furthermore, if you’re a fan of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, the warlock Sabrina has a romantic relationship with is also named Nicholas Scratch. The line may also explain why no children are around beside Wanda’s twins, as she cannot control them, no matter how hard she tried.

Monica Rambeau’s Powers, Wanda/Jean Grey

The next few scenes show something wrong with Monica’s test screening as nothing shows up in the results. It draws me back to how Wanda can re-write reality and make them as she wants to and could turn out to be the origin story of how Monica Rambeau got her powers. It was foreshadowed in the scene when her clothes were shown to be hexed, hence giving Rambeau her powers. Plus, we have to mention the displeasing look Monica gave when Captain Marvel was mentioned. Did they end on bad terms because she changes the conversation quickly?

Jean Grey

They then enter into a briefing and backstory of whom Wanda is, emphasizing she is a threat and has gone from being one of the victims to principal victimizer. They mention her powers and past terrorist acts, equating her to a villain. All this shows is they’re modeling her as a Jean Grey type as Wanda has always been a character in the grey zone. Monica’s insistence that Wanda is not all bad further shows this when she mentions how Wanda put up a quarantine to keep this from spreading and may be subconsciously protecting others. Moreover, considering we find out at the end how Wanda does not know how it all started, it cleverly makes us grapple with Wanda’s position.

Visions Body

Wanda is revealed to have stolen Visions body, and it may be because she found out SWORD intended to use it to advance their technology with his parts. I think this because in Vision’s living will; he said he didn’t want his parts used as a weapon. Meaning Director Hayward may have taken Vision for nefarious purposes to use that technology in SWORD. In the last episode, he mentioned how they worked hard to bring A.I. and more advanced technology to the organization. Furthermore, Monica finds out and becomes upset that the body was stolen nine days ago—when Monica was back and not told. Why didn’t he say anything? And if he was going to be buried, why was his body completely taken apart?

Vision vs. Wanda

Shown during the office scene when Vision sees the effects of Wanda’s world through his co-worker Norm, his reaction reveals how the show is setting up Vision vs. Wanda as he realizes what he may have to do. The episode ends with them fighting with Vision’s last shot hanging his head once Pietro and Wanda hug to emphasize their impending confrontation further.

Magneto: Like Father Like Daughter

Wanda gave off major Magneto vibes when she drags SWORD’s drone from her world and back to them in one of the episode’s best moments. In perfect Magneto fashion, she walks out to guns trained on her chest with laser sniper rounds and no fear whatsoever. A similar Magneto haughtiness that they are all beneath her is just radiating off Wanda.

And to have her end it by turning the guns all on Hayward was so Jean Grey. Nevertheless, her last Magneto moment was right before Vision and her fight, and he says, “You cannot control me the way you do them.” and Wanda, with her head tilted, says, “Can’t I.” Loved it.

Wanda and Resurrection/Sitcom ‘Family Ties’

Lastly, the Sparky scene with the dead dog confirmed Wanda could not reverse death. So if you think of how from the last episode, the stone is no longer in play from the dead Vision reveal, this could mean Mephisto certainly is behind his resurrection.

Wanda could have made a deal with Mephisto or was tricked into it by Agatha Harkness (Agnes), especially if we consider how in the comics, her powers have been used by villains to do remarkable, dangerous things like in Avengers Disassembled. Or how Agatha can wipe Wanda’s memory like when she did once Mephisto reabsorbed the twins, and maybe why in WandaVision, Wanda cannot remember how Westview all started.

And to wrap up this episode, we’re going to end on a cute note: Baby Vision! Yes, Vision was never a baby, but it was still fun to see in the WandaVision title version of the beloved Michael J. Fox sitcom, ‘Family Ties.’ All in all, amazing episode and reveal.

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