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WandaVision Episode 6 Trailer Breakdown: Halloween, Quicksilver, Westview & More

By: Domonique Salberg

After seeing the game-changing episode five and the Halloween trailer, a few important details and possibilities came to mind that I think are crucial to discuss. These insights centered around Quicksilver, the rules of Wanda’s world, children in Westview, Visions possible death, and more.

The Children

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So, jumping right into it, the most eye-opening scene is of the children running behind Vision on an eerie Halloween night and a line by Evan Peters’ Quicksilver. Since the show’s premiere, there have been no children other than Billy and Tommy, forcing Vision to even call it out in episode 5. Which leaves us to ask, why are there children now? Could Wanda be back to her tricks because Vision is increasingly aware, threatening her pocket world?

Quicksilver Audio

Then there is the audio in the trailer where Evan Peters Quicksilver mocks Scarlet Witch, saying, “It’s not like your dead husband can die twice.” His line would seemingly confirm two things: Quicksilver does know that Vision is dead somehow and what he says is out of character from Peters’ version from the 2014 film. However, since he is from the Fox X-Men multiverse, there is no way he could know that, showing there is much more to this character twist and will likely not be revealed until the finale.

The Unreliable Narrator

Furthermore, considering Marvel’s Quicksilver played by Aaron Taylor-Johnson, he would not know about Visions death either, since he died in Age of Ultron and Scarlet Witch’s influence on the world, it further convolutes the twist and who this could really be. Moreover, specifically Wanda’s warping powers and the cosmic radiation that she is manipulating on top of coming from the perspective of a mentally deteriorating character, she makes events and their unfolding ever elusive. Knowing this, I think we’re in for a thrilling and perplexing ride come these last few episodes.

Halloween in Westview

On to those wonderfully funny Wanda and Vision Halloween versions of their costumes in the new trailer, it makes me wonder if they will have Evan Peters wear his classic Quicksilver costume as a Halloween version as well. That would be so awesome.

But besides that, it clearly will be the setting for episode 6 and work to cleverly convey and show the town and people in it are what they appear. Wanda and Vision dress in their superhero form, and Agnes is seen in a witch costume playing off her comic book origins. That being Agatha Harkness, Mephisto’s minion and a witch who was burned on the stake during the Salem Witch Trials.

Once Vision encounters her and seemingly “wakes her up,” Agnes asks if he is a part of the Avengers and if he’s there to save them, causing Vision to change back to his regular Avengers costume. This happening leads him to fly above, survey the town and break through the barrier and seemingly collapse; this event may be why the twins say Vision needs Wanda’s help in the audio. Regardless, he does make it out and appears to be negatively affected, making many believe he dies or is pulled back in by Wanda just before.

Only the cable that turned into a jump rope by Wanda and the very alive Monica Rambeau have successfully made it back outside the barrier. Wanda did not create Vision, nor is he really alive, so this could explain how his reanimated body dies. As we also see from the trailer, SWORD does find a way in, and we can assume they or someone else will eventually have a part in the destruction of Wanda’s Westview, ceasing Vision to exist.

Stealing Visions Body

We now know this is the scene of her breaking into the SWORD headquarters and stealing Visions body, as it looks exactly like the cam footage played during episode five. We still do not know if the scene is a flashback happening before the events of episode one, or it’s from the future and happening after the next couple of episodes.

Lastly, one more thing about the Evan Peters cameo—the actress playing Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen) has said how excited she was about a very special appearance in WandaVision. However, I believe the secret cameo they were talking about was not the Evan Peters Quicksilver twist—even though it was HUGE and made many people happy. My guess is the big cameo will come in the finale and either be a Mutant from X-Men or Doctor Strange for the Multiverse of Madness connection.

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