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WandaVision Episode 6: Wanda's Game-Changing Move, Mind Stone, Pietro, Vision, Wiccan's Powers & More

By: Domonique Salberg

The “All-New Halloween Spooktacular!” episode continues to step it up as the level of craft put into it reminds me why storytelling is so loved. The dynamic structure is brilliant, and by the credits, it becomes clear Wanda and Vision are both wanted by two different evil entities. Vision is wanted by science villain Hayward (who has now gone complete villain) and possibly Ultron, and Wanda, a magical figure likely disguised as the henchmen-like Pietro.

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Halloween Setting

Moreover, their now clear enemies cleverly weave in past MCU influences. Darcy, first introduced in the Thor films, is now working with SWORD, creating a connection that brings me back to when Thor says, “Your ancestors called it magic, but you call it science. I come from a land where they are one and the same,” lends a thoughtful commentary of Wanda and Visions link.

Nevertheless the best thing about this episode’s setting: Halloween! A direct nod to The Vision and The Scarlet Witch 1985 comic series that featured a demonic entity, it also happens to tie into the twins and how they are called demon spawn in the show while actually being demon spawn in the comics. The setting directly references WandaVision’s current antagonists, Mephisto/Nightmare, and a delightful excuse to see Elizabeth Olsen wear the Scarlet Witch costume finally. And, the two quicksilver’s, Vision, and Wiccan in their recognizable comic attire was a nice touch.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s Quicksilver Footage

After seemingly going out of their way to not show Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s Quicksilver in the previous episodes, we now see him in the “Halloween Spooktacular.” While his MCU death is mentioned when Pietro says, “I got shot like a chump in the street for no reason at all and next thing I know I heard you calling me. I know you needed me.” Seeing and hearing this makes me think they will go in the direction that Taylor-Johnson’s Quicksilver will show up and save her from the “fake” brother.

Including after it was revealed later in the episode that Evan Peters’ Pietro is dead but died like Marvel’s Quicksilver, this turn seems more likely. Admittedly a powerful idea; however, I would like to see them bring Evan Peters into the MCU—he already has great chemistry with Olsen.

The Twins & Pietro/X-Men Powers

In a compelling shot where both the foreground and background were in focus, Billy reveals he is afraid of their uncle Pietro to Tommy, who does not understand why Billy would be scared. Tommy then teases Billy, saying it’s because he’s a vampire, referencing malevolence and Hell here and notably again once they go trick-or-treating and Pietro calls after the twins and doesn’t use their names. Instead, he says, “Unleash Hell demon spawn!”

Evan Peters' powers are also not like they were in the X-Men movies, where when he took people along with him, they would experience whiplash. In WandaVision, the twins experience no consequences.
Evan Peters looks perfectly devilish behind Wiccan and Speed.

Another telling observation is Evan Peters’ Pietro using powers, which makes him even harder to figure out as he can perfectly replicate Quicksilver’s powers. If he’s not the real Quicksilver, how can he do that? Then, while all of this is going on, it is clear Pietro is hyper-focused on the twins and influencing them, which plays into the theory that Mephisto wanted them created for their powers.

Pietro & Wanda’s Illuminating Dynamic

It was great to see that they decided to style Evan Peters in the original Quicksilver costume.

Throughout the episode, there are several eye-opening, vigilant interactions between Wanda and Pietro that further lead us to believe he is not whom he appears. Wanda doesn’t recall most of his mentioned memories of them, and Billy lets us know in a fourth wall break, “Mom’s been weird ever since Pietro got here,” and been fighting with Vision.

We see this odd behavior continue as Wanda tests Pietro several times to see if he really is her brother but is never met with a straight answer. He may be playing clueless to trick her into opening up the multiverse in hopes of finding her “real brother” and give her hope that he’s out there somewhere.

Next, there are the two scenes at the Halloween Town Square when Pietro finally asks Wanda, “How’d you even do all of this?” and “It’s not like your dead husband can die twice.” The first line shows him interrogating her and the latter, antagonizing Wanda, to I believe, compel more power for Mephisto. It also made her realize Evan Peters’ Quicksilver is not her brother.

Lastly, the haunting scene of dead Evan Peters in the way Marvel’s Pietro died, showed again her being reminded of reality, like with Vision’s corpse reveal in episode 4. Nevertheless, this time her talking about her eerily morbid feelings before the Hex, described as, “Just empty. Endless nothingness.”; seems to be what caused her to see him in his true form.

The Commercial’s Meaning

I took the commercial to reference how Mephisto uses Pietro to motivate the twins to use their powers and supercharge them to drain later. As the shark says to take and use “Yo Magic” or he’ll die—which we see him wastes away by the end. It may also be a metaphor for how Mephisto becomes stronger from feeding off all their powers. We know with Wanda, specifically, her powers are connected to her emotions, so the stronger emotions Mephisto makes them feel, the more energy they put out, the more he can feed.

Like I mentioned before, I believe this is why Pietro antagonized Wanda at the end with the dead husband comment. She unleashed more power than we have ever seen, even extending the barrier as she pleased, and it may be what Mephisto wanted.

The Hex & Wanda’s Victims Fate/Monica’s Powers

We also learn from Jimmy Woo that they can trace all the normal humans trapped in the Hex. And in that, learn the closer the people in Westview get to the border or when Wanda doesn’t need them, the less “on” they are or completely frozen not to live their lives. A cruel way to exist, the effects are shown when a woman Vision walks past appears to glitch forever hanging the Halloween decorations—shedding one hopeless tear.

Furthermore, Darcy reinforces that Monica’s power will originate from entering the Hex multiple times, when she warns her about going in again, then showing her how the Hex’s energy has rewritten Monica’s cells on a molecular level twice, thus changing her. Get ready for Monica to power-up before the season is over.

Vision Encounters Agnes & The Mind Stone

Later, Vision encounters Agnes, also stuck at the Hexagons end, appearing to attempt escape. Vision wakes her only to find out he’s dead and that no one can leave Westview or even think about doing so because of Wanda. This interaction may be a trick by Agnes and Mephisto, meant to divide Wanda and Vision by further suggesting Wanda is a threat. At this point, we know she is not the only one controlling everyone.

Moreover, the most telling part comes when Vision breaks through the barrier and almost kills himself where his stone is interestingly still visible outside of the Hex.

It makes me question if the stone will come back into play, especially considering how Hayward didn’t care to capture or be fazed by Vision struggling through the barrier. Plus, we learn Hayward was never tracking Wanda, only Vision. It might be farfetched but, it seems Hayward is working for or with a magical entity (Mephisto) that set-up Wanda to steal Vision’s body and bring him back to create a new mind stone since they’re all in alternate Earth’s.

Mephisto would get to drain Wanda and the twin’s magic for his gain, and Hayward would have the mind stone for reasons we would discover later? Or maybe Mephisto is using and tricking him too for all the power, including the stone? He is the Devil, after all.

Wiccan & Speeds Powers

But through it all, Vision likely lives to see another day, thanks to Wiccan’s ability to sense his father’s destruction, wherein this episode, we finally get to see them use their powers. Although tragic but touching, Speed takes after his late uncle Quicksilver’s speedster powers and Wiccan, Wanda’s fascinating hex magic. Only his energy is blue—straight out of the comics, in the incredible shot above.

90s Sitcom Credits: Malcolm in the Middle Homage

To wrap it up, immediately I knew and was excited to see that Malcolm in the Middle was this episode’s inspired opening credit sequence. Billy is narrating and breaking the fourth wall like Malcolm, Vision a little zanier like Hal, Wanda fitful like Lois, and Pietro akin to the older brother and troublemaker, Francis. And even more, fitting is how Agnes is sharing the frame with the twins; that’s because, in the comics, Agatha Harkness looked after them as a nanny would. The best intro thus far within another amazing episode.

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