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WandaVision Episode 7 Breakdown: End-Credits, Mind Stone, Nexus, Agatha's Book, Quicksilver, & more

By: Domonique Salberg

Episode 7 picks up right after the aftermath of Wanda expanding The Hex. Where we learn Vision survived, Darcy has joined the other SWORD agents as circus performers, Monica, Quicksilver, and Agnes reveals and how Wanda’s deteriorating mental state is affecting Westview. All will be covered here and more.  

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Episode 7 Breakdown: “We Built the Hex, Not I”

Like Billy from the Halloween episode, this episode begins with Wanda breaking the fourth wall to express her inner thoughts, much like the documentary style present in Modern Family. When speaking to us, we learn she knows that anger and fear got the best of her, showing how Wanda tends to use magic when she is backed into a corner. The Hex is very much built upon the character’s anguish, demonstrating how she prefers to magic-away her problems and not tackle them head-on. 

Shown playing games, their controllers begin blipping and mixing the decades, followed by many other objects throughout the episode, informing us Wanda has lost control. Notably, the glitching milk has a missing kid’s photo on it, that by the end, it becomes a sinister foreshadowing of the twin’s disappearance by Agnes.

But the most crucial thing Wanda says at this moment is, “We built the Hex, not I”; this highlights the end reveal that It’s been Agatha All Along. I do believe Wanda still created the Hex considering the previous episodes and this episode’s intro credits where it says Wanda Maximoff creates WandaVision but ultimately was pushed into creating it by Agatha. Who may be harnessing her power as the “Yo, Magic” commercial alluded to.

Nonetheless, Agnes ends up taking the children to her house to give Wanda a break. When there, it is shown Wiccan cannot read Agnes’ mind, saying she is empty, which could highlight that she too could be possessed, potentially by Nightmare or (no surprise) Mephisto. She was not a villain for most of the comics and considering the post-credit scene, it definitely highlights that more people are involved. Ahem, Ralph.

Hexagons & Queen B Character from Avengers Dissembled, Adriana Soria

Adriana Soria from Avengers Dissembled.

And like already established, the hexagons are seen several times, but their use is even more telling in this episode. When Wanda is in bed, the scene reveals that her duvet and Visions pillow is covered in hexagons, except Wanda’s pillow—likely showcasing she is not subject to the same things he and the rest of Westview’s residents are. And it also cements the Hex’s expansion and how it has begun to encompass more things that Wanda regrets.

Furthermore, after revisiting the Avengers Dissembled, its Queen B character named Adriana Soria seems to have inspired elements in WandaVision. The queen can control her subjects through a hive mind, similar to how Wanda can alter the actions and memories of those around her. Certainly, they are different characters. Nevertheless, it is interesting how the graphic novel Soria happens to be in set up House of M’s events that WandaVision is based upon, and it too used the imagery of hexagons throughout.

Hayward’s Plan to Weaponize Vision/Mind Stone Objective

We then jumped to Monica and Jimmy Woo discussing the cataract project, and as predicted, Hayward was trying to weaponize Vision, but he could not bring him back online. Episode 6 hinted that times got desperate during the five years between the snap and blip, and likely because of the fear felt among the world, he turned back to try and recreate Ultron or a defense program of the degree. These events could tie into how recreating the infinity stones could be the show’s main objective, as we know that they are paramount to keeping all of reality stable.

Their creation would mean having the ability to stop the main timeline from traveling down a dark path. In the trailer, we have seen what could be the mind of soul stone and what may be the tesseract. At the end of Endgame, Wanda appeared to accept Vision’s death. However, part of the story may be that she learned the plans about Vision and snapped, thus stealing his body from SWORD and knowingly committing a crime, created Westview for his and her safety.

What ‘Nexus’ Means

The commercial chronicles the grief Wanda felt after Vision’s Endgame death and features the antidepressant Nexus. In the MCU’s Age of Ultron, Nexus was categorized as the central hub where all information on the internet flows through, but, in Marvel comics, it goes far beyond that. Wanda is known as the Nexus being, which means that she’s the same across all dimensions in the multiverse. Nexus beings are keystones of existence and can affect probability and hence, the future. 

Monica Rambeau is Photon

What follows is Monica gearing up to infiltrate Westview, where when her first attempt does not go according to plan, she decided to enter without help, where she is finally revealed as her powerful comic book character Photon. 

Agatha Harkness & Darkhold Book Explained

Once Wanda enters Agnes’ home, she realizes something is wrong when she sees the twin’s half-eaten food, the fly on the curtain, and that reality is stable there. Another hexagon shape is found on the glasses, tying back to how the world was built. Moreover, in the basement, Wanda sees an ancient-looking shelter covered in roots and tree branches and travels into it, and the aspect ratio begins to change—showing that this is the real world. 

A sect is present, similar to a coven, and what could be the Darkhold book in a different design. The Darkhold is an ancient book of spells that have appeared throughout the comics, agents of shield, and many more. It could be how Wanda’s reality was created. Thus, Agatha’s brooch is visible again as she says Wanda isn’t the only magical girl in town. 

The Munster's (1964)

Ending things by showing us everything from Agatha’s perspective, we get an amusing twist of The Munster’s (1964) theme tune as she plays with people. Except there is a moment where we see her magic against Evan Peters’ back. In the post-credit scene, Monica is snooping around where Peters appears to be like a villain. But the reveal showing Agatha controlling him could mean he is a good guy being manipulated (fingers crossed)—X-Men and Evan Peters need to be in the MCU. 

Lastly, I noticed that Agatha lives in the Bewitched house, further pointing to the end reveal. The original Bewitched house is the top photo, and the bottom is Agatha's house.
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