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WandaVision Episode 8 Breakdown: The Myth Scarlet Witch, Chaos Magic, & More

By: Domonique Salberg

After seven solid and creatively inventive stories and production, episode eight felt like a completely different show—and objectively, not in a good way. Exposition, exposition, and more exposition with no payoff but more questions; some scenes went on too long, and most reveals were anticlimactic. Much rehashing what we already knew was chosen over great storylines from the comics, which were ignored to make an episode about a previously established plot: Wanda’s traumatic emotional journey.

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However, the worst is the blatant erasure of male characters and their crucial involvement in Wanda and Agatha’s origins, such as Scrier, Mephisto, and our favorite X-Men baddie Magneto.

Scrier is a mighty cosmic being and is who sparks Agatha’s magical abilities. On the other hand, Mephisto influences Agatha and Wanda’s complicated and tragic relationship, while Magneto and Wanda have had a love-hate, father-daughter connection. Instead, the MCU has decided to retcon both interesting original stories and make them hyper-female and bland.

Agatha now has a prominent mother figure to challenge her destructive ways. Wanda is more powerful than ever, creating the hex, her children, AND Vision all on her own, showing she doesn’t need help from Mephisto and his demon shards. So it being all her, completely negated everything that came before and made them trivial.

And if Wanda created Vision literally from her body, why could she not sense him in the Halloween episode amidst his looming death, but Wiccan could? The catchy “Agatha All Along” song is also unnecessary since Wanda is shown to have created it alone; these are just some examples of this episodes reveals that do not completely make sense. Ultimately, this episode showed several missed opportunities to bring in dynamic stories, and yes, characters certainly do not have to be the same as their source. However, an elevated story has to replace it—something this episode did not do.  

WandaVision Episode 8 Breakdown

Nonetheless, “Previously on” is not all disappointing—it’s just nowhere near what it should be as the penultimate episode, where it substantially deviated from the high bar set in the previous seven. Therefore, beginning with Agatha’s origin, we learn she cannot be controlled and has been engaging in dangerous magic due to her penchant for knowledge.

The coven then decides to kill Agatha; however, she proves too strong and absorbs their powers, causing death upon them all. Agatha will likely try this with Wanda and Billy and attempt to drain their powers. It should also be noted the ‘mother’ witch Agatha refers to manifests a crown when using her powers, much like the one Scarlet Witch traditionally wears, further connecting Wanda to her witch background.

The story then jumps back to Agatha’s bewitched basement and mentions the ruins that may be the key to defeat/confine her in the end since only the person who sets them can cast a spell inside of them. We then learn fake Pietro or ‘Fietro’ was brought across and given her brother’s role because her grief so crippled her that she would not ask any questions.

Although, Agatha explains necromancy was out of the question because Pietro’s body was too far away, which doesn’t hold up since Agatha can teleport. Plus, she says she was mind-controlling someone to make it all happen—but whom? If it’s just some random person, then why cast Evan Peters? We still do not have a clear reasoning behind this choice.

Magic On Autopilot

Agatha finally gets to her obsessive questions about the complex magic Wanda is dealing with in the realm and the magnitude of it, or as she calls it, ‘magic on autopilot’; where all she can do is mind control and transmutation on a small scale. Unable to draw the truth out, Agatha forces Wanda to look into her past for future answers. We see Wanda as a child after her parents die in an explosion, and for the first time, she uses her probability powers to stop the bomb from going off and killing herself and Pietro. These powers were initially given to her by Chthon in the comics. 

But her powers growing beyond this are not discovered until they enter the Hydra lab scene and see Loki’s Scepter, which of course houses the Mind Stone. Wanda removes the housing unit from the Scepter and sees a traditional Scarlet Witch coming towards her and what she is to become. So, now coming into contact with the Infinity Stone, it eludes to the stone, enhancing her abilities and allowing her to become more powerful. Alternatively, it could be that she used her probability powers to work the stone in her favor. 

The Myth Scarlet Witch

Moreover, Vision enters the episode for the first time, during one of the few great moments to help Wanda realize how grief is often love persevering and showing her how to appreciate the truth. Ending at the SWORD facility, we learn Wanda only wanted closure and the ability to give him a proper burial. Concluding with her leaving SWORD, she finds the deeds to a house in Westview and drives out there, though we do not know who placed it there. And when she arrives, we finally learn in her despair; she builds the hex without Agatha’s help.

Wanda, now godlike, creates Vision in the conception of this reality, and they become like their versions in the first episode, as she literally steps into her own fantasy and loses herself to it. Cutting to Agatha in an empty television studio clapping and realizing Wanda is indeed a myth capable of spontaneous creation; a Nexus being that can control reality from its chaos magic, Agatha holds the children hostage.

Closing the episode with Agatha saying to Wanda: “You have no idea how dangerous you are; you’re supposed to be a myth—a being capable of spontaneous creation. This is chaos magic, Wanda. That makes you the Scarlet Witch.” Proving she is a being that Agatha has read about as in a prophecy fulfilled.  

What is Chaos Magic?

Wanda’s powers have experienced a few changes in the comics, but current continuity describes her abilities as the ability to wield potent chaos magic. In Scarlet Witch (2015) #1, Wanda defined it herself.

“My power—the ability I got at birth—allows me to break the laws of physics and scientific absolutes,” the Scarlet Witch recounted. “I’ve often heard the spells I cast referred to as chaos magic, but in actual fact they’re far from ‘chaotic’—their power and intensity are linked to the energy of the Earth and womankind, revered by ancient pagan faiths, feared by men. Its name is witchcraft.”

White Vision

Now jumping to the mid-credit scene, we see Hayward activating his secret weapon, the White Vision. By drawing from Wanda’s abilities on the drone, they managed to power-up the corpse in a chilling scene. White Vision is a version of the character that has appeared in the comics throughout the decades. In the source material, White Vision is the character completely removed of his personality and opposite to the man Wanda fell in love with. This character introduction could now be Vision’s ticket back into the MCU; however, they most likely will have HexVision and White Vision destroy one another in the final battle to give Wanda her closure.

WandaVision Questions Still Not Answered

The multiverse still has not been explored. Who and where is Ralph? Who is Evan Peters? What is the book in Agatha’s basement? Are we bringing back the X-Men from the Fox movies? How did Wanda create Billy and Tommy, or was it just explained away by saying she can create life spontaneously? Are Wanda and Pietro mutants? Is Wanda just a witch now? Who is the witness protection person or Dottie? A lot is left to wrap up in one episode. We’ll see if Marvel can pull it off.

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