WandaVision (2021)

WandaVision Finale: The Marvel Duping, Scarlet Witch Costume, Ralph, & Evan Peters

By: Domonique Salberg

WandaVision is an excellent example of a show that masqueraded as clever and ultimately chose marketing over innovation. These characters were on track to be a part of a groundbreaking superhero story but were stifled in the end. As someone who genuinely wished to see Scarlet Witch elevated in the MCU, WandaVision seemed to cheapen her into a stereotypical villain in the vein of Jean Grey by the finale. It had an opportunity to introduce her story’s intricacies but instead decided to isolate and simplify it. Thus, her breakdowns in the last two episodes were shallow and cheap because, in the end, the build-ups and details did not matter or even bothered to make sense—so why should we now care?

Many plot holes and questions were never answered for the sake of spurring theories and online buzz degrading any substance this show could have had. Red herrings are not inherently bad if that was what they were going for; however, they are typically appreciated if the conclusion is compelling and thoughtful. WandaVision did not have that effect; most of the payoffs lacked impact.

Furthermore, the drama was often handled in the worst way; emotional manipulation, in an attempt to make up for the trivial events before it. The show truly started with a unique premise and great potential, leads and moments, but ultimately settled for its no-stakes Marvel CGI battle in the end. Moreover, showing us all along, Marvel could not do what they wanted us to believe they could. Be bold, multifaceted, and above all else, capture the spirit of comics.

Scarlet Witch Costume & Ralph

Nonetheless, which leads us to the terrible Scarlet Witch costume and the wasting of Evan Peters (again)—some of the show’s greatest missteps. How does Wanda’s cheap Halloween costume look more visually appealing and close to her original costume than the little red riding hood athletic wear in the finale? There was nothing mythical, almighty, or comic book accurate about her jazzed-up Lululemon’s. The color was too dark, and her headpiece too small and discreet. Let Scarlet Witch be unapologetically Scarlet Witch. Episode seven proved Elizabeth Olsen could pull off the iconic look with ease.

As for Evan Peters, what Marvel did to him will always be a stain on the show. The complexity, character development, and expanse of the MCU that we were promised were not delivered, and we were left with more average content packaged in confetti. Welcome to phase four, everyone.

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